Excerpt from a documentary showing the setup and acoustic properties of Richard Wagner’s Bayreuth Festival Stage. Narrating is the composer’s grandson, Wolfgang Wagner.

17 thoughts on “Bayreuth

  1. This is from a Philips “promotional” tape. It was released as a teaser,
    with highlights from every Bayreuth production that was released in the
    late 70’s and early to mid 80’s. For those who don’t know, the “narrator”
    is none other than Wolfgang Wagner–grandson to composer.

  2. Ruhm und Ehre Deutschland und seine großartige Kultur und ihre mächtigsten
    Vertreter Lehrer Wagner.

  3. the master is rolling in his grave with the current infant terrible
    productions–euro trash. bayreouth needs to return to its primal roots!!!

  4. I loved how wolfgang explained the sound genius–I have to go! the sound
    must be so different from other houses–as wagner visualized it!!!

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