Aschaffenburg lies in the north-west of Bavaria, on the river Main, and is famous for its palace and a pair of buttocks.

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25 thoughts on “Aschaffenburg

  1. I think I have been through it on the train from Frankfurt to München – it
    looked nice even though you always see the bad parts from the train – if
    memory serves you see the castle very clearly. Not as clearly as Mannheim
    when you almost go through the castle grounds on the railway going south.

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  3. Very well done and very informative. These videos keep making my wife want
    to go back to Germany.

  4. From Canton, MI, USA. I spent 2-1/2 years there, ’66-’68 in US Army. Nice
    to see has progressed so well from when I was there. A lot of fond memories.

  5. Kriege jedesmal gereizte Augen wenn ich an dem hässlichen Rathauskasten
    vorbeilaufe.Er verschandelt die ganze nähere Umgebung.

  6. I loved the city, but I hated 9th Engineer Bn I was a medic not a darn
    basket weaver!! But I served an served well!

  7. That “neglected part of the city” is where I lived, the remains of the
    Kaserns we were stationed on. Ready Kaserne only has one building still
    standing as of today.

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