Maile Ohye from Google advises your startup as if she had only 10 minutes as your SEO consultant.

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  1. 3 White Hat SEO is a practice used to improve search performance that is in
    line with terms and conditions of a search engine. I

  2. Enjoyed this #SEO tutorial, nice way to explian it all +Maile Ohye I will
    definitely subscribe to your channel on YouTube if you own one, and add you
    to my G+ circles of contacts. Thanks for helping us all out here. Curated
    to my Web playlist!

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  4. I really enjoyed it but I wish if all the links mentioned in this video
    were available at the description.

  5. A good overview if you know nothing, in literally less than 10 minutes. But
    it will take a few days to do what is being advised, even if you don’t
    include the open ended suggestions.

  6. seo is really stupid. i’m writing seo content for a company and you just
    write more words/content than you need to just to satisfy a stupid search
    engine. everybody is google’s b*tch.

  7. Thanks! I am new to this and your video was very helpful and succinct. If I
    wasn’t an ultra gay homo, I’d probably say you are a babe & easy to listen
    to. Good video!

  8. 3 anos atrás e muitos tópicos simples que ainda fazem muito sentido.
    Por isso que gosto da Maile mais do que do Cutts.
    Simples e direta, sem mistérios.

  9. Fuck of Google !! you are nothing but leach for marketing advertising money
    ! The biggest scam on the www 

  10. Very awesome Google advises to know SEO in just 10 minutes. A really nice
    way to know Google works and how to rank your website. Thanks! I also found
    how important is digital marketing to rank your website here by searching SEO slough twitter

  11. I kindly demand google; React faster to Disavow Files and find a faster way
    to detect negative SEO. I am suffering from my rivals.

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